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Though less visible than roofing or siding, your ventilation and insulation are key parts of a complete home installation. Proper ventilation and insulation will help your home hold up to all seasons. We offer a variety of ventilation systems including ridge, edge, intake, and attic vents . . . plus every type of insulation—traditional, blow-in, foam, and more. Whether you have an ice dam or mold that needs repair, or you’re simply upgrading your house, we will provide the proper ventilation and insulation to help you protect your investment in your home.



  • Air Vent Inc.: super efficient ridge vents that include external baffles, an internal weather filter, and under-eave venting
  • Air Vent Inc.’s The Edge™ Vent: designed to optimize ventilation for homes with little or no roof overhang
  • Cobra Snow Country Exhaust Vent: superior weather protection and energy efficiency with a 40-year warranty




  • Insulsafe Blow-in Fiberglass Insulation: improves energy efficiency, reduces sound, and carries a lifetime warranty
  • Cellulose Insulation: performance and environmental protection joined in a quality thermal solution



 Mold on the interior of the roof sheeting



 Given the drastic amount of mold on the interior of this roof, much of the sheeting
and the roof and gable ends needed to be replaced.



 Mold on the interior of the gable end



 Proper vents were installed improperly on eave ends



 A condo after Strander Roofing & Seamless Gutters finished blowing in insulation



Craig is insulating more condos that had ice dams due to inadequate insulation and ventilation


”[Strander] did it all on my building. They insulated with rigid foam, foam, blown insulation, tore off 3 layers of shingles, and did a rubber roof with very tricky valleys and new shingles. At completion, they completed my punch list in 2 days. I couldn’t have been happier.” - Google Reviewer



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